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    Default V1 working after leaving it on overnight.

    Last summer my v1 stopped working, and i blamed the hot summer and it's been like that ever since, it stopped alerting some k band door sensors and i was less than 10 meters from the door sensor and it was bearly alert fluctuating between 1 and 3 bars, i thought that it was broke and that was that...

    So i've been using it for laser, and if it detects a few gatsos thats a bonus.

    Well the other night i connected the v1 to a 13v dc adaptor in the house and i also connected a k band 24.125 ghz sensor aswell and i left it for an hour or so with the sensor on and it went full strength, and i went back after an hour and it was the same, so it seemed like it wasnt losing detection.

    So i turned the sensor off and left the v1 switched on not alerting it must have been on for about 12 hours, and some bizarre reason its working as normal.

    I went to my local supermarket which is opposite a retail park tonight and it would bearly gave me 1 strength k band false out of at least 6 door sensors well tonight it went nuts i had 4 to 5 k band high strength bogeys, and it was acting the same yesterday when i was at another supermarket / petrol station, the other time i was like this was when i first had it.
    Leaving it switched on has done something, a week ago i put it in the freezer to see if the cold temp would make it work, but it was the same until now, very strange..

    For it to stop detecting and now work normal do you think the freezer may have thrown the oscillator back into spec???

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    Default V1 Not Detecting K

    yes I am having the exact same problem of not detecting K band door openers or speed vans etc anymore unless you are right on it. I seamed to be fine 1 day I was using it and not working the next... No bumps or heat exposure even. Didnt really want to send it back as Im in Australia and dont like to risk customs etc but looks like I will have to. I may try leaving it on over night or somthing and see if I have any luck....

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    Mine is still working apart from not detecting one gatso but i think the gatso is out of tune because it picks all the others up ok, apart from just one.

    Obviously is its detecting the rest theres no reason for it to miss just one.

    Try getting it cold with your airconditioning? then leave it on overnight and see if that does anything, you can't really break it so it's worth seeing if you can get it to work before sending it back.

    I know the feeling when you want something which isnt shipped to your country and you have to buy one through alternative ways and then it breaks i really wish vr would ship abroad, you'd think a big company like that would be able to do so with no problems.

    I have 2 minds on wether or not to buy another one, and sometimes i'll think yeah i'll buy a new one, but then theres a thought which says but if it breaks again?



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