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    Default Programming questions....


    I've reviewed the manual and V1's set of programming instructions. I've found that I have v3.813.

    Anyhow, I've found that she is pretty quiet so far (very little testing and only in metro area using Advanced Logic). I've had only one X alert and this is every day when entering the garage to my office building. I have noticed a couple random K alerts but they are very brief and in the loop. Otherwise, she it totally quiet unless Ka radar is nearby. I haven't been hit with Laser yet.

    It seems safe to deactivate X but from what I'm gathering, I may as well keep it active since Advanced Logic seems to be doing it's job.

    I have become curious about reprogramming K to "unmute" (from my desired volume) after 4 signal bars are breached (Section E). I assume I'll also have to incorporate section F.

    What is somewhat confusing is the note. It reads (or close to it) only activate for prolonged use in familiar false K areas. I don't understand why I can't simply keep it activated since it's only be "muted". I'll still have visual and the choice to maintain my "muted" volume right?

    A few more questions....

    * Is there any reason I shouldn't activate Ku? What is it?

    * Is there any reason I shouldn't activate Ka to be more responsive? I assume this could promote Ka false alerts?

    * Is there any reason why I would want the Ka false-alarm guard OFF?

    * Does anyone know whether there are sensitivity differences across K and Ka between "All Bogies Mode" and Logic and Advanced Logic mode?


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    Ku = Europe Band. . . its not used int USA so leave it off.

    Ka more responsive = Depends how much you like the lights to dance, it doesn't actually change response on the V1, just the lights on your display.

    Ka false = Turn it off and you'll want to cry - if you have a cobra near - you'l l know about it. This protects against them alerting.

    The sensitivity is supposedly untouched in both l and L for the K band, but some believe it is. Ka sensitivity never changes.



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