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    Default I've been thinking of getting a Valetine One...

    Currently, I'm using an X50, and I love it. It has never failed me.

    I live in Fort Worth, TX and the school buses here have K drones. Very very annoying. I have my X50 in exp. mode so when it picks up 2 K signals, I know it's a school bus. I've read that the Valentine can display up to 8 different signals of the same band, correct? That would be very helpful for my situation, since I'm bound to screw myself over with the X50. Why? My X50 shows only up to a max of 2 K signals, so what if I interrpret those as a school bus when it's a school and a LEO parked on the side of the highway? :/

    So far, I've only witnessed Ka being used by the Fort Worth cops, but I've read they use K for sure. The only thing I'm really scared of is laser.

    I also have another question about the Valentine. Does it have an exp. mode like the X50? Also, is that 8 bogey counter a total? Or is it 8 for every band? As in, like 8 Ka signals, 8 K, 8 X.

    I will hate to part from my X50, but if have to, I'll do it.

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    Default keep

    Keep the X50 and also get a V1. You can always try it out for 30 days and if you don't like it, then return it. As far as signals, the V1 can pick up to 9 signals. It doesn't have the threat display like on the X50 but has some features that the X50 doesn't have. X50 is a great all around rd, especially for city use. V1 is a great all around detector, especially for highway use.

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    Default Re: keep

    Quote Originally Posted by proudNMAmember
    Keep the X50 and also get a V1. You can always try it out for 30 days and if you don't like it, then return it.
    x2... Take it for a test drive!

    As far as the Bogey Counter / Expert Mode - I don't find them to be that useful of a feature beyond 2 signals. You should not be speeding at that point anyway. :wink:

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    Could you elaborate a bit more on the 9 signals? Let's say there's two school buses up ahead and a LEO using Ka parked on the side of the highway. My X50 would display (in exp. mode) 1 Ka signal, and 2 K signals. How would it look on the V1?

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    "3" in the Bogey Counter and the K and Ka LEDs lit.

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    Also with the biggest band threat blinking and the biggest direction arrow threat blinking.

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    Of the 3 bogey counters, how would I know how many are Ka or K?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aajlouni
    Of the 3 bogey counters, how would I know how many are Ka or K?
    You don't

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    I'm in the same situation you are. I have an X50 Blue and love it to death. Failed me once, only on a tricky laser gun. I don't blame anybody because with laser even the V1s would have trouble.

    I really don't want to get the 9500 because of the 1st edition bugs in them, and really reading the GOL tests are a HUGE help when thinking of what to get. I've also been thinking of getting a jammer in the near future too, which the GOL are awesome at too. But for me it needs to be the right time, and now is not good, but in a couple months perhaps.

    I know alot about the V1 since I read these forums more than I post. Back when .826 was releasing. As long as I've been reading the results have been getting better as far as decreased falses and problems and increased K and Ka range. The GOL tests prove it.

    I agree with proudNMAmember about keeing the X50, I plan on keeping it as a back up for some odd reason that I would need it.

    Keep it up GOL, and I'll be a V1 owner in no time.

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    Don't forget to check out the GOL Forward Facing radar up ahead test.



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