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    Default Laser alert: Dynamic Signs?

    I guess dynamic signs are not the technical term for them. Those big overhead signs on the highway that change to display whatever useless information the highway department decided to tell you that day.
    (see sign on left, except they were the orange version)

    Well, every time I drove on I-4 (Orlando) I would receive a laser alert in the same spots. I could not figure out what in the world it could be. On the drive home several days ago driving in PA I realized every time I passed one of those high-way signs directly underneath (middle-lane) my laser would alert [replicated ~10 times after realizing what the apparent trigger was]. Is this a known trigger? Is my baby sick? Are one of you :twisted: shooting me with laser every time I drove under a sign to mess with me? Is this some sort of evil plot put together by the FBI, CIA, and MLB?

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    My 3.826 falses off them too.

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    So does my 3.821 at times.

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