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    Default hiding a hardwired V1

    Hi guys, I just purchased my first detector, a 3.861 V1 and i'm looking to hardwire it into my car. The problem is I don't feel safe having it sit out in the open, even if it isn't blatantly visible way up by the rearview mirror.

    I found this on RadarBusters. It's made to fit most of the Beltronics and Escort units, but i'm curious if it fits the V1. Like I said, this is my first detector, so I really have nothing to go off of in terms of size comparisons between the V1 and the models this visor mount was designed for.

    Anyone have any information or advice on finding me a solution?

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    You might have to cut the rear flap and possibly the front to get proper coverage due to the front-rear horns. Remember, heat will also build up faster inside the pouch. Heat is the #1 killer of electronic components plus operation suffers when the unit gets hot (any detector will exhibit this fact).

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    It appears you'd have to cut it so the lidar sensors can "see."
    IIRC, similar pouches have been shown in threads on here, worked fine. The V1 'likes' to be high-mounted.



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