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    Default X band leakage from another radar detector?

    I was coming home from work today, I started to get a low X band to the rear. It gradually ramped up to full alert and as a dodge intrepid passed me it looked like a Uniden radar detector on the dash and as he passed the alert went away. I know crapras can give off K and Ka leakage but what about X band? I couldn't find anything on the forum so I figured I'd throw it out there for the more experienced to answer. Any ideas as to why it would be X? Possibly harmonics? I also saw a V1 as well that was pointing at the hood today. :roll:

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    Funny, I've been waiting for someone to post this for a long time. I've also heard of the Ka false, but thought my V1 was the only one to x false from another detector.

    About a year ago, driving in WNY (Highway 219) my V1 was screaming xband everytime the car behind me had a straight line of sight to my car. I slowed down and saw a POS detector on his windshield. I'd pull away, or around a bend and the V1 went silent. I'd let him catch up to me, and I'd get the x-band false.

    This has only happened to me once, in 10 years as a V1 owner.


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    You are not alone.

    Some Uniden RDs will cause X band false alarms, and they may be strong enough to set off your V1 from a few hundred feet away. Fortunately, there seem to be fewer Unidens on the road today so the problem is not as common.

    Also be aware that some RDs will cause K band false alarms too. I have seen them with the low end (small black case) Cobra RDs.

    My 985 will cause X band false alerts in my V1 if it is in very close proximity (1-2 ft.).




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