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    Default mobile laser used by RCMP?

    Yesterday my V1 (Ver 3.851) caught a bunch of mounties on highway 2 going up towards Edmonton AB, Canada and I noticed that my V1 was chirping away saying there is laser ahead but I wasn't sure if it was true as I did not see any mounties in sight. Turns out that after I pass a moving RCMP car that I noticed that the laser alerts stopped. Is it possible that mobile laser is here now? My co-worker at my job says he got nailed with mobile laser a few months ago while driving on a country road. I called farce on him but he showed me the ticket and it was in fact "laser" despite the cop driving past him first.

    BTW. My V1 3.851 got Ka warning on a straigh run approximately 2.2 km's away from when it first alerted.

    Is that considered good, average or poor?

    Reading all the threads on here about how the 3.85x versions and even the new 3.6 versions are all screwed up makes me worry that I shouldn't get the V1 recalibrated... my unit is still under warranty so I wouldn't have to pay to get it upgraded (if it even needs it).


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    Mobile laser doesn't exist. Maybe a passenger in the cruiser was playing with the laser, or using it to verify the cruiser's speedometer or something. Or your alert was caused by something else, such as an Infiniti with adaptive cruise control that happened to coincide with the cruiser.

    Clocking traffic with a moving laser gun will produce inaccurate readings, since the gun doesn't take its own (cruiser's) motion into account.

    That's pretty good range for Ka.
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    Default mobile laser?

    That is what I thought too about an infinity or something with laser cruise or similar (including the cars with LED tailights). My friend got a ticket with laser despite the RCMP being in the car. I thought that it was impossible to get laser from a moving cruiser but that is what he told me and that is what I witnessed yesterday.

    I was getting multiple laser hits on the highway when suddenly I get hit again with laser by a oncoming cruiser. Now I wasn't speeding but do remember that my friend got a ticket from the troopers (clearly indicating laser) on the ticket and it was on a rural farm road that is completely flat and open. Then to witness a multiple laser hit yesterday with a moving cruiser is a bit strange no?

    There were no other cops around and there wasn't any overpasses or ditches or posts that a cop could hide behind...

    Is there a new development in lidar land that we are all not aware or is my situation observations strictly coincidence? I am up in canada and from what I've read on this forum it seems like the RCMP here have some pretty crazy speed detecting gear....

    just my observations..



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