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    Default My First Real World Experience with the V1

    So today I was out on the road just coming up to the point where the secondary road changes to a highway. There is always a bottleneck here, until the highway starts so I was creeping along and suddenly the V1 starts lighting up on Ka with the rear arrow lit.
    Hmmm interesting....
    Ain't nobody speeding here, that's for sure.

    All of a sudden the front arrow starts lighting up as I am creeping toward the highway.
    Interesting again...

    Now the unit starts gradually going crazy with both front and rear arrows lighting up...

    Next thing I know, I see a LEO screaming along up behind me, driving on the median, grass, anyplace he can get around the creeping traffic....

    Obviously he had his radar on and a quick look around me showed a couple of huge trucks up in front of me that were apparently reflecting the signal coming from the rear.

    To me, the important part is the V1 sniffed the radar from the rear, the rear arrow lit up, before it started picking up the front bounce back reflections.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but this was a very good test of the accuracy of the arrows in a real world setting.
    It was pretty interesting to observe .


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    Well I would assume that if the origin of the signal is behind you the V1 would pick up the rear before it can bounce back from the trucks and light up the front. Not always the case, but good to see that it did.

    The arrows are a definite help to me with KA. I can generally assume that if I get a front arrow on a highway that the CHP (CA) is on the other side. And if I get a rear arrow he is on the same side coming up. Again not always the case, but I would say it happens 95% of the time with each encounter.

    Glad to see it worked this way for you.




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