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    Default About Installing V1

    How do you guys have your V1 installed? simply with the wire hanging down from the windshielto your car-lighter?

    Or in a way no wires are visible?

    Also,if someone is not "good" with installing it like a pro, where can someone go to have to installed? any place that stores car alarms maybe?

    Also I hear about the heating problems and all...

    If my V1 is in my car and its like 90 degree's would that damage the V1 from too much sun exposure....and vice versa, how about when its too cold?

    Last, where do you have your V1 on your windshield???
    Some have it up on the windshield...some have it total low,almost at the dashboard some on the center....what is suppose to be the best location?

    thank you

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    trust the search function young grasshoppa. it is your friend.

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    1. I have no wires visible hanging down, I routed my wire along my A-pillar and through the top of the windshield.
    2. Personally, I would rather spend maybe an hour just reading up on how to either hardwire it or find a way to run the power cord around so it isn't visible but I wouldn't take it to somewhere to have it professionally done when I can take my time and do it at no cost or just ask a friend to come over and help you for a couple beers or what not.
    3. for the v1, I would just take it off the mount and put it in your glove compartment or somewhere out of the direct sun light when parked. Same goes for when it's too cold although the range for cold is pretty good so unless you're in the far north, I wouldn't worry too much about cold.
    4. I have my v1 mounted at the top right next to my rearview mirror right under the blue tinted part of the windshield. It all depends on what's used most in your area whether it be laser or ka. My area uses mostly ka so I keep it high.

    if you have any more questions, I would just go to and read the stuff there to get a better idea on what suites you best.

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    I'm using Cigarette lighter to power up.

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    Hardwire just like SAS. . .

    it is well worth it.

    Mount it as high as possible.

    Remember, storage temps for the v1 is <160 degrees. Your car is probably much warmer than 90 degrees. Factor the v1 MIGHT be in sunlight - it can easily reach 130's to 150's easily if you don't treat it right.

    Take it down whenever possible.

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    I have my V1 just to the left of the rear view mirror (RVM) so this does make it harder for the arrows a little bit, but I can not mount it right above the RVM as there is no room.

    I have the cord tucked underneath the roof and down the A pillar and all the way to the cigarette adapter in the trunk. I did this because this way no cord shows what so ever. And also no thieves can see the adapter itself and put 2 and 2 together.

    Just be careful not to go over 25ft of cable otherwise you could do some serious damage to your V1. First clue is when it doesn't have enough power to go to "A" mode. Trust me you will know if the cord is too long.

    I just called VR (Valentine Research) about my V1 and they said ( Mike the tech) that temps in excess of 160F can reduce radar sensitivity significantly. Or in other words you won't pick up the usual door openers (K band) as far or at all.

    Bottom line: A little courtesy goes a very long way

    Keep the A/C on it when hot and tuck it away of you will be parked for an extended period of time. Especially in the sun.

    Hope this helps




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