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    Default New V1, use default settings?? Suggestions?

    I just got a brand new V1 and I was wondering if I should use the default settings.

    I want it to mute weak K and X until it gets stronger.

    I figured I'd use A mode on the interstate/highway but I was confused about using Big-L or Little-L mode for the city.

    Little Rock is fairly small, so there's not an abundance of false alerts (some notable ones are always grocery doors on X or K)

    The old school truck/jeep cops still use X. Rural cops in my county use Ka exclusively, and most of the city cops are on K or Ka.


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    to re program see

    play about with the settings and set them to have it suits you!

    your best printing them off and take them out with you aswell as the manual.. this way you can reprogram the v1 and adjust the settings and drive about and test them!

    this way if you adjust something and try it out!

    your better adjusting it to how it will give you full protection aswell as the falses not winding you up!

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    I'd say that you should keep using A on the highway and just use little L or big L around town. As far as I can tell, both logic modes work in about the same way. Depending on the signal strenght, direction, suddenness, and some other factors the V1 will decide what to tell you about and what not to. No matter what, the really strong signals will get through. The main difference between the two is that where advanced logic (big L) completely eliminates a false signal, logic (little L) alerts but only at the muted volume.

    I actually like little L a lot. I don't have to worry about missing an alert because every one shows up. A large proportion of the X-band falses in my area are kept muted, and a surprising number of K-band signals are muted for a while as well. Some up until 3-5 dots on the strength meter! Other muted signals come to full alert after only 1 or 2 dots on the strength meter. Like I said, it depends on a lot of things. But I think my main preference for logic over advanced logic is that I trust it since I can actually see what it's doing and still not be annoyed by lots and lots of noise.

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    Default Be careful, Leave the settings for now, and adjust later

    I would not tamper with the switch settings until you are familiar with the standard settings.

    Use "A" mode on the highway, choose (little l) "l" or "L" in the city. "L" mode seems to filter X band better in the city but I have noticed that "L" mode also gives slightly less notification of a true bogey in real city situations.

    "l" mode uses the mute feature installed in the device, don't turn the second knob all the way down, but you still visually see the alert.

    I will warn you that I have encountered X band radar through parts of northern Arkansas and most of the way heading toward St. Louis. Be very very careful if you decide to disable X band because you will be completely naked and you will get hit and locked-in on and the fine will be high because you won't even know the cop was gunning you so you won't even hit your breaks. There's nothing wrong with slamming on your breaks, I've done it and there's no shame in it. It can reduce a ticket or get you out of one and if a cop pulls you over to ask you why you did it just tell him you saw something in the road or someone threw something out of their window.

    Disabling X band is very risky and I suggest you just don't do it. Some on here will disagree, but in their defense they are usually 100% certain it doesn't exist (or maybe not) in their driving area.

    After you become familiar with the device then you can seek adjustments but even that can be risky. I've had a V1 for a year and that is my experience.

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    get to know your area before reprogramming your Valentine One.



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