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    Default Question on where to Buy?

    Is valentine1 dot com there site?? The only reason I ask is that on Ebay the new V1 is $500 but on there website it is $399.00 With all the scams these days I just want to make sure. Also if you know anywhere that is cheaper please let me know. Thanks alot and I have really enjoyed the board.

    Just waiting for the Laser Interceptor to come out and my car is complete!


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    Buy from The thing with the 500 dollar price on ebay is that valentine only ships inside the U.S.. So some people turn around and sell them to people outside the country, and therefore get a return for the service by asking above the real price. If you call, you can get a refurb for 360.

    btw, remember they are on east coast time.

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    Thanks for the help. I placed my order. Thank you guys for all your input on this forum. If not I would of bought a RD from Walmart and not known any better!

    Now I can't wait for the LI to come out!!!

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    NooB1FieD Well said.

    Buy from Valentine Research and you cant go wrong.



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