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    Default V1 Mounting on a 03' Mustang,....question

    I am considering buyig a V1 soon and already wondering where exactly I wanna have it mounted.I hear the higher the better.

    My Idea was to have the V1 mounted above the rear that too high?
    And also,if anyone has mustang would know,the top part of the windshield where the rear mirrior is,is a factory tinted "mustang" seal..the horse that is...if I mount the V1 that high,would the factory tinted horse seal,make a difference to the view?

    I just though having the V1 detector mounted on the windshiled right above the rear mirrior would be the best and would look decently fine without being annoyed by having it on my way or view.

    Any thoughts???

    And also, I never had a RD detector before, but my best friend and I have listened to V1 fans and feedbacks and we always talked about,if you wanna get a radar detector,why not get the best there is and nothing else.
    Is my thinking wrong? lol

    Because I am one those people,who does not wanna get something and hear later "u should have gotten that one for a bit more $ and u would have been fine"

    Appriciate any answer about my question about mounting above rear mirrior.

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    The horse are the dots. Take high quality packing tape and tape a strip over the dots where your suction cups will be. You do not want your detector to have to look through these dots. Tint is one thing but the dots will affect range. Wifes mustang the detector is mounted just below the RVM. Works fine



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