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    Default Help with setup please.

    Well I ordered my V1 a few days ago and it is being shipped to my mom's house due to the fact I am in the Airforce and stationed in Guam. In a few weeks I will be returning to the states. Picking up the V1 and driving from Dallas to Florida.

    I have a couple of questions since I will not have time to mess with all the settings before I drive. I would like to know your thoughts. So I can print it out and take it with me and set it up.

    1. Programming do you have pop on or off? I read this will affect the KA range.
    2. #5 Normal or More Responsive? Says Allows you to adjust the response of the signal-strength meter for Ka band only.
    3. #6 Guard on or off? Says allows you to switch off the false alarm guard on KA band

    That is all for now. I thank you in advance. 97% of my driving will be highway. Fell free to tell me anymore setting you think I should change.

    P.S Can't wait for the LI!

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    1. Turn POP off. It will not affect Ka band range.
    2. Put Ka to just normal rsponse. Performance is the same and is not affected. What it does is just to increase meter sensitivity - LED lighting response to Ka alert.
    3. Ka gaurd ON. Turing it off causes more false alert.

    Put it on A mode for driving.



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