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    Default Strange X Band Falsing

    I have had my V-1 for a month and have been very impressed with its performance with very little falsing. I have not changed the factory settings and run in A mode.

    This past weekend I drove from Richmond, VA to Greenville, SC. About an hour into my trip traveling south on US360 through a rural part of VA my V1 went crazy with X band alerts. 1 to 6 alerts front, side and back. This would happen every few minutes. This issue continued on US58 but not as often. Once I was back on an Interstate the X falsing stopped.

    The X falsing reoccurred on by trip home in the same locations. I switch to big L mode and still received X band single alters only every 5 to 10 minutes.

    Does anyone have any ideas why I would get this much X falsing in the middle of the country?


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    X band Drones?

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    Default possibly

    Could possibly be an old cell phone tower or an actual cell phone.



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