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    Default How to make Concealed Display Run its Test Sequence

    I have shipped out my radar as demanded by my parents, but still have one concealed display and the hardwire kit at home. I hooked the concealed display directly to a power supply (12v), but it will only light all the LEDs for about a tenth of a second. Is there anyway to make all the lights come on, and stay on? I'm doing this in hopes of making concealed displays again, and I need a quick way to test them while building them. I have found a friend whose dad has a v1, so I may be back in operation shortly, but still need an at home method of testing these. Any help is appreciated.

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    Thats actually a tough one. . I really don't think it would be possible. .

    Unless jimbonzz knows a way to trick the concealed into thinking their is a v1 present.



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