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    I'm currently a proud X50 owner on my second unit. Thus far, I've been very happy with my Escort but I'm still considering purchasing a V1 at some point in the future. The thing that turns me off to the V1 (and the item I want clarification on) is the apparent lack of a mute button on the power cord, a feature that the X50 has in the smartcord.

    I drive a full size truck and I'm turned off by the idea of having to reach a long way to hit the mute button on the unit. With my current set-up, the remote mute button is always right by my hand. Is there no way of muting the V1 without using the unit mounted button? Does the V1 feature auto-mute and, if so, how well does it work?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Remote Display unit slide mounts onto the cigarette plug, and that gives you the same muting ability that you have with escort's smartplug. (Or, you can mount that display anywhere, like on your steering column, for even easier access)

    V1's automute is different than the belscort. You have a wide variety of programmable mute options which initially mute the signal until a certain time or strenght. That is still different from the full blast then quiet automute of belscort.

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    There actually is an automuting feature for K band alerts which can be programmed to "unmute" at either 4 for 6 bars. However, in general you must reach up if you want to manually mute as there is no button on the cord.

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    There are also several threads about making your own mute buttons. Very easy to do, and you can mount it anywhere it your car and it will only run you max $15 from radio shack for the parts.



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