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    Default sending in V1 for check up

    I am sending my V1 in for a checkup before my warranty expires and I just wanted to know if what I'm doing is a good or bad idea. My radar detector is a ver 3.851 and I've never had the "E" problem and to be quite honest the detection on it is quite good however, I find that it really doesn't cut it well with photo radar (Canada Ka from the rear that is off axis) so I figured that I would send it down to V1 for a calibration check before the warranty is over.

    Is there anything that I should or should not ask V1 to do? I've heard the horror stories of people's V1s giving the "E" message with newer revisions of the detector.

    Is there often frequency drift on V1's that are about a year old that could potentially mess up with the detection range?


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    Don't ask for a free software upgrade - if you do that you won't get it. Just tell them about the problem you are seeing.

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    I think it is an excellent idea, components for microwave is very critical. Since you have had your unit for abt a year everything should be pretty stabile now. If they do a software upgrade and tweek it I think you will have one Bloodhound of a detector on your hands.

    But off axis Ka is extremely tough to pick up. You know they have engineer gurus survey that stuff to decide exactly how to mount and angle them so you will have the least warning possible.
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