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    Default How to add/replace an RJ-11 power cord plug

    I habitually break the plastic retaining lug on the plug on my V1 power cord. OK, not too frequently but often enough to be a problem. In the past I have purchased a new cord. So now I have a collection of these old cords, each with just one broken RJ-11 plug. I found I could replace a broken plug myself with minimal trouble and expense. So, for anyone interested to learn how, here's the run down.

    1. The V1 power cords are 4-wire flat-cable normal phone line. The plugs at each end are RJ-11 6-position/4-connector (6P4C) type which you can buy in an electronics store or the like. In some markets these plugs are coded RJ-12 6P4C, but are identical to RJ-11 6P4C.

    2. You will need a phone line crimping tool. I purchased one for $2, made in China. Amazingly it works really well. It allows me to trim the insulation from the outermost cord to exactly the right distance from the end, insert the 4 wire ends and then crimp the wire ends firmly into the new RJ-11 plug. It does a really neat and professional looking job.

    3. A warning. Do not insert an un-crimped new plug into you V1 power socket. If you force it in, the un-crimped metal lugs, which protrude until crimped, may do permanent damage to the socket wire connections on your V1.

    4. The wire positions at opposite ends of your power cord must be reversed. So make sure you get this bit right. The positions at one end are numbered 1 to 6 with positions 1 and 6 unused in a 4-connector configuration. Here is an example: at one end of my V1 power cord the RJ-11 wire connections are 2=yellow, 3=green, 4=red, 5=black. At the other end they are the reverse: 2=black, 3=red, 4=green, 5=yellow. It does not matter which side of the plug you number the connections from as long as you number consistently both RJ-11 connectors from the same side.

    If you are replacing the RJ-11 plug in-situ on a direct wire connection and therefore cannot see the connections at the other end, just arrange the new wire connections to be identical to those on the old plug. You will be able to see the wire colors through the clear plastic end of the plug.

    If you want to make up your own new power cord, just purchase the required length of 4-wire flat phone cable and two RJ-11 6P4C plugs and follow the directions above. It's really easy, even if you have not done this sort of thing before.

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    This deserves a sticky.

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    Agreed on sticky. I've repaired my hardwire cord this way in the past. Works great. It's also handy if you're hardwiring and the cord is too long. Instead of coiling it up under the dash, just cut it to the correct length and crimp a new RJ11 on it.

    In fact, I recently bent the tab on mine so it's probably only a matter of time before I have to dig out my crimping tool.
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    I always thought that this was just common knowledge of enthusiasts that end up doing custom work with their car. . apparently not.

    I don't really think sticky worthy, but if it is - it should go into general as more and more detectors are using the rj-11.

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    Common knowledge maybe, but it should be there for new RD users at least.



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