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Thread: Size?

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    Default Size?

    Does anyone have the oldest V1?

    I would like to see how each generation got smaller

    was it just decreased in size once?

    I would like to see older V1's....

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    I believe the first V1 was the same size case as the current one as it did not have laser.
    Laser added 1/4" to the whole bottom of the case as all the laser circuitry was there.
    Actually at one time you could buy a non laser V1 for about $330.
    Or the V1 with laser for $399
    Ka range really sucked until the 97 complete gut swap except for laser retrofit.
    There was also a lot more Ka false alarms from other detectors before this retrofit.
    This retrofit was by an appointment letter and cost $249 which did not include rear laser that was about $110 more.
    The V1 did not get band ID lights until 99 that was $75 for upgrade.
    Before that you had to depend on a flashing dismal point for Ka and a steady one for K. My smaller concealed display still does that.
    I guess it was 2001 when they dropped the 6 laser diodes to just one big one and shrunk the case back to it's original size which became the 1.8

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    whats instore for the V1 in upcoming years? LCD display???

    - jordan



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