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    Default upgraded V1

    Well I got my V1 back last week for a simple calibration check and lo and behold they send me back my detector upgraded to ver 3.858 (from Ver 3.851). My complaint to them was that the detector did not perform all that great on photo radar used in my city. Seems like the Calgary Police service here like to use some pretty high end photo radar gear that is almost undetectable until the last minute.

    Anyhow V1 upgraded the firmware and changed 4 modules within my detector.

    I'm hoping that my Ka detection for photo radar will now be improved. Ka on ver 3.851 was great on the highway but poor for photo radar.

    anyone else have experience with Photo Radar vans in Calgary, Alberta Canada?


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    wait did you have to pay for that or no?

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    Default Ver 3.851 to ver. 3.858

    No I did not have to pay for that upgrade. It was free including the overnight shipping back to Canada.

    From what I recall 3.858 was probably the most stable version for the 3.85xxx series...



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