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    Default Weird problem with V1 remote display

    Here's a weird problem I get with my new (two weeks old) V1 remote display when I turn it on. I have both the V1 and remote display wired into the ignition circuit via the standard V1 direct wire connector. Both are on only when the ignition switch is turned on.

    About 30 percent of the time when the engine is first started, all the LEDs on the remote display are permanently lit at about 5 percent of normal intensity. The bogey display shows a "Y" for a couple of seconds and then goes out. The normal little-L bogey counter display does not show.

    If I turn off the V1 at the control knob and turn it back on, it doesn't clear the problem and I get a repeat of the above symptoms. But if I turn off the car's ignition switch and re-start the engine, the problem goes away until maybe next time.

    I have tried jiggling the power connections. I have also replaced the remote display power cord but the problem persists.

    Can anyone throw some light on what is happening here? Thanks.

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    Might be a bad connection somewhere. Try a new wire and check your connections. If you have another direct wire thingamabob, swap that too if the problem isn't solved above. If no joy with those steps, send it back for a new one.



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