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    Default Quick V1 programming question

    Just got my V1 today... haven't had a chance to mess around with it yet but I was looking at the programming guide on the V1 website and had a question or two...

    In option 5 (Ka signal strength meter response), do ya'll recommend that on or off (normal or more responsive)?

    Same question with the option 6 (Ka band false alarm guard).

    Sorry too if other V1 newbs have already asked this question.... which I'm sure they have.

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    ok do me a favor, go here and print this out, and keep a copy in your vette.

    also refer to it when reading this response:

    Ok, so every option that has to do with the "K-band Automute" is as follows:

    * To enable the "K false suppression", the user must program the "7","b","C","d","E","F" and "G"features as in previous versions.

    print this out also and bring it to your v1...

    1.Go to programming mode in the v1.
    2.go to option 7, then make sure the arrow is pointed DOWN. (it is pointed UP as default from VR)
    3.go to option b next, make sure arrow is pointed DOWN.
    4.go to option C next, make sure arrow is pointed UP.
    5.go to option d next, make sure arrow is pointed UP.
    6.go to option E next, make sure arrow is pointed UP (default).
    7.go to option F next, make sure arrow is pointed UP (default).
    8.go to option G, make sure arrow is pointed DOWN.

    --->ok, options b,C,d in that combination of arrows gives you 30 seconds K band automute time (with version 3.826, the one you have).

    which means when you get a weak K band signal which is less than 4 dots, in BIG L mode you will not see it period (until its bigger than 4 dots).
    in little L mode you will see it and hear it at MUTED volume (i keep my MUTE volume turned all the way down so i personally dont hear it) until 30 seconds is up the you will hear it as normal. in A mode, the v1 will work like you never programmed it period. when on the open highway and away from annoying K band falses, put your v1 in A mode. When in the city, you can put your v1 in Big L mode or little-L mode. remember BIG L mode doesnt show the muted alert or even sound to it. Little L mode will show it for the 30sec's and play it on mute volume then you will hear it.
    Regular volume is the knob. Mute volume is the lever behind the knob.

    Then for "supposedly" Better RANGE and definately less falsing on Ka and K band, go to option J and put the arrow DOWN. this will disable pop mode which is useless in CA.

    you can also go to option 5, arrow DOWN. this will give you more of an alert when you run into Ka band which is your biggest threat.

    EVERYTHING ELSE SHOULD BE DEFAULT, SO MAKE SURE U DONT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE AND U CAN CHECK THE LIST TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING ELSE IS AT DEFAULT. (well except for option 1 which is X band which you have disabled but i dont mentioned)

    remember to print out that link with the programming info. after playing with this stuff and staring at it long enough, you will get it trust me. its not easy but its definately cool.

    hope this helps, take care and let me know how it goes.
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    X & POP should be taken off
    K, Ka, and Laser should be on

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    Oops my bad, I totally read that whole thing before I started this thread too... I guess I wasn't looking for the option 5 and 6 thing when I read it. Sorry for a repeat thread everybody.

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    Option 5 enabled.

    Option 6 enabled.

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    You dont need to know

    Default How to change my v1 back to factory settings

    Ok here it goes i was reading the review and i found out that when i turn on my v1 it shows brief " P " and then goes away with lights ... i am wondering if bought a used or returned V1 from V1 Website i actually don't know how to program it so was wondering i should ask you folks if and how to move back to factory settings ... thanks

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    Look here...

    All the defaults are marked.

    I recommend putting it to default and run A mode until you learn exactly what the V1 is telling you. It may take a few weeks but you have to learn how to use a tool properly before you can efficiently use it.

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    Defaults are all "up" arrow lit, so as you scroll through the options, change any that have the "down" arrow lit so the "up" arrow is lit, and once they're all set that way, you're back to factory defaults.

    As for option 5, that's a matter of taste. It doesn't make the V1 more sensitive to Ka, it just makes it alert more urgently to weak signals.

    Option 6 should be kept at default, or else you'll get bombarded by false alerts from Crapras and the like.
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    Just have to ask

    As a new V1 owner, I have read the programing options. Basicly I am pretty set with what I want

    X off
    POP off
    Ka increase ramp up

    But have a question regards K band muting. If one enables K band muting as described above. If the V1 encouters a K band and thus is muted for a 30 sec duration, does the V1 mute K band for the FULL 30 sec regardless if the threat went away earlier. Thus if a weak threat goes away but a same/new threat is encountered, does the V1 restart the mute time or is it going to fall underneath the orginal previous mute? I suppose running in logic (l) mode would answer my question as I can visually see what happes but untill then anyone want to weigh in?

    Ka guard? How does this effect Ka sensitivity? Or does it just focus on the LO frequency to identify falses but the sensitivity of detecting Ka is the same either way... whats the opinion of running on the highway with Ka guard OFF? or does ALL BOGEY (A) mode cancel that option and return to default???

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    If you loose a signal while the V1 is muted (manually or auto) the reset time is ten-seconds.
    In other words if a signal is muted manually in (A) mode and you loose the signal, if it comes back within nine-seconds the signal will stay muted.
    If you mute a signal that has broken through the K band automute mode then you loose the signal, if the signal comes back within nine seconds your selected time threshold does not start over.

    You can not run with the Ka guard off as V1 will basically false with it self.



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