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    Default New V1: Initial impressions & a few questions

    So I finally got me a V1. My earlier detectors were a whistler (stolen!) & a bel 955 (the whole car was stolen with it inside!!)....& if this one gets stolen I am going to be pissed!!

    So far, I'm very impressed! The unit is lighter than it looks; smaller than I thought it would be & brilliantly designed. I love the arrows, the volume dial (hated the press to cycle volume levels rubbish), the mute volume dial, the counters and the ramp up. The windshield mount is truly genius!

    The "once you get used to the arrows, there is no going back" sentiment is very true.

    What I do not like however is the super-sensitivity. Its chattier than I expected. So I have it in the "L" mode & its soooo much better now!

    I now have a few questions for you radar gurus:

    How much of a risk am I taking with the L mode?
    Does POP work in L?
    Would I be better off disbaling POP & X & running it in the A mode?

    I live in Houston, TX. Thanks!

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    Yeah turn POP and X off. Supposedly POP off helps with sensitivity in certain areas. Also, try the k-band automute.

    here is the thread for it:

    He also explains the difference between little L mode (logic mode) and big L (advanced logic mode).

    I personally drive around town in logic mode, and A (all bogeys) mode for the highway. With my mute lever almost all the way down, little L is very quiet but I still get to see the weaker alerts if I choose to.

    Also I'm not sure if POP works on advanced logic mode, but in my opinion, POP is worthless anyway and I just turn it off and don't worry about it.

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    Yes, POP does work in logic/advanced logic modes.

    The logic modes apply primarily to X band, and a little bit to K. If the K automuting options are enabled in the programming mode, then this will occur in the logic modes as well (but not in A mode).

    If you turn X off, you can run in A all the time, no problem. Might as well turn POP off as well, as it causes more Ka falses (due to Crapras) and J-outs.
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