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    Default Atermic Windsheld a real problem !

    Hi Guys,

    I'm using now for a year our V1 but like many of us, I think we are confronted to the :x athermic Winsheld.
    Thenfore the performance are not the best one , even if it goes not too bad for K and Ka band (gatso on the back of the road and the V1 detects it when you are on then you are caught), laser detection is really bad (today no detection at all front of the 2 Eurolaser founded)

    I have founded some wireless rd models (6 x 7 cm and waterproof with wireless connection), does the V1 compagny is thinking to this problem ?

    Any solutions coming from V1 expected ?

    Any opnion or suggestions ?

    Having one of the best rd and nacked cause of an thermic windsheld gets me sick

    Good day to All

    Fred France

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    1)Put V1 in sealed box and install behind grill.
    2)Buy audio remote control and concealed display for V1.

    If you are not happy with this solution you can buy remote RD or.......a new windshield :idea:

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    Some athermic windshields have an uncoated spot usually near the rearview mirror for the purpose of mounting an RD, or toll transponder, etc. Check your owner's manual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpatz
    Some athermic windshields have an uncoated spot usually near the rearview mirror for the purpose of mounting an RD, or toll transponder, etc. Check your owner's manual.
    right.. or just have a look at your windshield preferably with polarized sunglasses and you will see if there are any of those spots. what car do you have? my lagunaII does have uncoated spots just as described by kpatz

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    Default re

    well the problem is that the windshield as atermic, the only side where he is not is where as not able to be putted
    So bascily no solution for a V1 except a remote install or sealed box that V1 is not selling indeed ......

    thanks for the coments guys


    Nb: car is a Scenic renault

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    Salut Fred,

    Athermic windshields are typically used in Europe, not much in the US. So RD manufacturers do not have real solutions, especially Valentine Research which doesn't care about European people problems. So, 2 options in your case: you can change your athermic windshield for a standard windshield (i.e. Carglass), paid by your insurance (bris de glace) or you can mount it high in the non-treated area (marked with small points).

    Or you can also change your V1 for a Bel975R or the future Bel STi-R.

    Why don't you visit the link I gave you few weeks ago, you would probably have found answers to your problem



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