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    Default Thinking about getting an X50 to compliment my V1 (backup)

    Well my V1 will be getting sent in first chance for a tune up and whatever they want to do to it. From my earlier post, Ka band is unreliable currently so I didn't even bother plugging it in today while on the interstate. This has raised thoughts of getting an X50 for a back up and something fun to compare my V1 to from time to time.

    Escort seems to be a bit more reliable than its Bel brother the RX-65.

    Is this a good idea? :?

    The thing on my mind is ... when my V1 runs into trouble it would be nice to have a back up ... its also 300 dollars and how would i use it.

    well Escort X50 vs. and Garmin Sat-Nav ... lol. What to get.

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    Good idea. If you are like me, you DO NOT want to drive "blind". Try to find a Rev. 5 blue. Makes a great change of pace unit as well as a great backup. (I also really like my V995)

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    I second the recommendation to get an X50. I got one as a backup for my V1 when I had to send it out for a tuneup a couple years ago.

    My Rev 5. is great on K and Ka, but weaker on laser than the V1 or my newer rev. RX65. It's possible that the newer rev X50 has better laser as well, but I haven't been able to confirm this yet.

    As for X50 vs. RX65, the RX65 is noticeably weaker on K band so I'd go with the X50 if K is a threat in your area.
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    Hey bro,

    You know me - I've always lusted after the V1.

    The gadget-guy in me would love all its user-enabled features, and I'd love to be more situationally aware....

    However, even so, I'm still reluctant to get one to run as an "alternate" (in my case, I'd run the V1, selectively, on longer highway trips).


    I simply feel that if I were to do the switch, I may not maximize my own proficiency/abilities with the detector. Still, even after all's said and done, the biggest factor in eluding a speeding citation is the human factor, and I can't help but think that our intimate familiarity with our primary speed-detection countermeasures helps tremendously to accomplish this goal.

    I fear that the addition of a second interface, with the nuiances of the other unit *not* being fully appreciated as it's not the primary unit, may contribute to improper risk-assessment.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd honestly lean towards another V1, possibly purchased from a secondary source - and of different revision - as a backup.



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