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    I am still unsure of the difference, someone please enlighten me... thanks!

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    instant on - is when an officer selectively turns on his radar unit. this can be very dangerous. while off you won't get an alert.

    here's the answer from

    Instant-On is a term used to describe a particular method of operating radar that can be used to defeat radar detectors:

    The officer puts the radar gun in "standby" or "hold" mode where it is on and ready, but not transmitting any radar. When he visually identifies a vehicle that he suspects is speeding, he switches the radar unit to "transmit" mode and targets the vehicle to obtain a speed-reading. If he chooses, he can then switch the unit back to "standby" or "hold".

    Here are a couple of ways to defend against instant-on:

    1. Choose a very sensitive radar detector, so that when traffic ahead is targeted with instant-on, you'll get a warning alert before it is "your turn".

    2. Never stand out in a crowd, or you'll be the one he chooses to target. Try to follow behind someone else who is going the same speed as you are, maybe 1/4 mile behind him. That way, if you encounter radar, he'll get hit with instant-on, and you'll get an alert on your detector telling you to slow down.
    pop - is a gimmick and not a legitimate threat at the moment.

    however this is from

    What is POP Mode?

    POP Mode is a feature that was introduced by MPH Industries in their latest radar guns, designed to defeat radar detectors. POP acquires a vehicle's speed by sending out a quick burst of radar. This burst was so short that detectors available at the time of POP's introduction did not alert to it, either due to a sweep rate that was too slow to detect it at all, or due to the short burst being filtered out as a false alert. Fortunately, many radar detector manufacturers have since added POP detection capability to their latest radar detectors.

    Radar guns that currently have the POP feature:

    MPH BEE 3 = 67ms, K or Ka-Band
    MPH Enforcer = 67ms, K or-Ka Band
    MPH Z25 = 16ms K-Band
    MPH Z35 = 16ms K-Band

    Many of the latest detectors can detect 67ms Ka-Band POP pretty well. However, only one detector has been shown to detect the 16ms K-Band variety at all, and it only does so a small percentage of the time. 67ms K-Band POP has yet to be tested.

    The operator's manual for these guns cautions that "Information derived during the POP burst is non-evidential and to be used for advisory information only...citations should not be issued solely on information derived from the POP burst.

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    POP is an extremely short burst that most radar detectors have limited capability of receiving. It is used to electronically estimate speed without alerting nearby detectors. It should not be used exclusively to write citations.

    Instant On on the other hand does have the precision to write citations. The radar unit sits in standby emitting no RF and is undetectable, but fully ready to transmit. When the target vehicle is well within range the operator fires the radar and gets your speed in generally less than a second. Nearby detectors will detect this if close enough. If your the victim, your detector would go from dead silence to full scale alert. Long range detection is your only defense, detecting it when cars in front of you are being targeted, but there is no guarantee. In the hands of a skilled operator, it is extremely effective.

    Hope this helps

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    Legalities and detector capabilities aside, IO duration is typically manual (determined by LEO with push ON followed by push OFF) while POP is automatic (when trigger/button is pressed, radar gun sends a short burst of either 16ms or 67ms duration).



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