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    Default Putting the V1 in dark mode ??

    Hello everybody,

    I'm a French V1 user.

    What do you think about putting the V1 in dark mode with a (4 or 3.6 KOhms) resistor as it's shown on these pictures ??

    Thanks a lot

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    Those are made by our very own "The Professor". . he's a genius w/ RD's and especially the v1. The only drawback . . is the arrows would be useless since they'd never go on. The bogey counter would be useless. .

    It would be like any other detector. . once you hear the alert. . you gotta start the swivel to figure out where it is coming from.

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    Thanks Bauzer ! The Professor's work is really awesome!!!
    Yes, there is some drawback, but in France it's forbidden so we have to be as discrete as possible in some cases...

    About the resistor's value, is it 4 or 3.6 KOhms ?

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    Thanks a lot Guys



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