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    Default Valentine 1 laser fale alerts

    Anyone ever have their Valentine one false on strobe lights? The fire fighter strobe lights here have a weird new lighting system, and it's not led, that sets off the v1 with laser. The cops down here do not use laser so i know it's not that.

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    Welcome radar_hunter123

    Well as far as getting laser alerts from emergency vehicles with strobe lights I haven't encountered any such alerts. I actually turned off laser due to so many infinities around my town. The CHP do not use laser yet here so that is good.

    For certain I have not encountered any such alerts. Maybe some other users have. It may be also some special lights that your local vehicles have as well.

    Hope this helps


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    I think it's the MIRT strobes (for triggering traffic lights) that set off the V1, but other strobe-based lights can too.
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    Yeah I'm not sure where my laser falses come from. I don't get them all that often anymore though. I remember with my x50 the laser alerts would freak me out, but I don't find that to be the case with the V1. I guess I don't have the volume loud enough...

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    What?! A laser false on a V1? Impossible! :shock:

    Naw, it was probably as kpatz suggested, the MIRT system. The V1 is really sensitive to "strobing" IR sources.

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    Default Valentine 1 laser response

    Thanks everyone for the help and response. Yeah it most probably is the MIRT system as Kaptz said.



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