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    hey guys. new user here and V1 owner. previously owned Cobra 9430 and Escort Solo S2. haha it wouldve been nice to have this website before i bought those two detectors. anyways ive been doing my research to buy a new detector and i decided to purchase the V1. It's true.. once you you starting going by the directonal arrows you can never go back, it is so helpful. I recentley did a test between the Escort Solo S2 vs the V1 on a local speed sign and the S2 barley picked up the KA band while the V1 was screaming from a mile away. i plan to post a video up to contribue to the forum since it helped me out.

    now just a random question; do you any of you guys have a CD deck with a remote on it, that sets off the V1 lazer? ive been notcing that sometimes ill be out of my car talking to people and ill change the song and the V1 will pick it up. is this normal?

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    Welcome vaporfx ,

    As far as I know I haven't had any encounters as you described. Then again I don't have a remote with my CD player. Odds are that the remote uses IR to transmit the signal thereby creating your laser source. Depending on where you have your V1 mounted will either increase or decrease the amount of times it will set off the V1. Plus the V1 has very good laser sensitivity.

    Hope this helps


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    Yes, many IR remotes will set off the V1. I've even used a remote to test my V1's laser detection after mounting it inside a visor pouch.
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    Yep, my cd player remote will set it off.
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