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    Default My first month with the V1!

    Here is my take on the V1. I moved from Guam to Little Rock so needed to get a RD. Since now that I'm back in the states I will be doing a lot of driving. As always I googled RD's and came across this site. Watched about 1000 videos and Read a million post.

    Well I landed at DFW and had the RD in my suitcase. Went from there to pick up my car from the shipping company and ripped open the box and hooked it up. Took 5 min max. What a great mount! Very stable. The whole time driving the thing was going off like crazy in the city. When I got on the highway it got quiet. I could not wait to get my first hit. Well it did not take long! Going down I-30 I get a Brap Brap. I'm doing 85 in a 70 so I slam the breaks. My wife asked is that a real cop? I tell her I hope so! I reset the trip computer. .5 miles later Brap Brap again. 1 mile into it Brap Brap. Then nothing for another mile. So now it is 2 miles Brap Brap.........and getting faster. 2.5 miles I see a bridge and sure enough there he is. BAM he hits me with IO. I just laugh knowing that his IO was owned by V1. My wife looks at me and says "Ok I guess your new toy was worth the money".

    By time I got to Little Rock I had 3 hits that day. One was a 3.8 mile CO he was in the west bound lane heading my way. V1 has become a part of my car now. I feel naked driving with out it.

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    was the "brap brap" a KA signal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesley_willis
    was the "brap brap" a KA signal?

    excellent post. I'm guessing your in the air force? perhaps something to do with 130's.

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