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    After a solid 3 years of use, i began to notice that the power cord I've been using had began to deteriorate from hanging on my windshield for so long. I decided to unplug it to inspect, and indeed, some of the copper wires were no longer even touching where they should be. I plugged it back in regardless for the remaineder of the ride home only to find my V1 no longer turned on. I figured it was the faulty power cord, so I drove home, went inside, grabbed the coiled power cord, and plugged it in. Still not powering on.

    Anyone have an ideas what's wrong? The power v 12 power jack definitely still works (my ipod holder powers up, phone charges, etc) and I tried a regular phone cord as well.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I feel naked without my v1.

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    If you were using the cig. adapter with the worn cord, you probably shorted it out and blew the fuse in the cig. lighter v1 adapter.

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