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    Default Real alert while J'ing out a Cobra

    im traveling south on the florida turnpike yesterday when i start getting a J alert one after another. i look back and there is a cheap cobra in a car right behind me. every minute it gets J'ed out and then waits a minute and j's out again. it does this like 10-12 times like clock work. then all of a sudden i get another ka alert - then the J - then an immediate ramp up for a FHP sitting in the median. it picked up the real KA radar at 2.3 miles while at the same time J'ing out the cobra behind me. i was totally amazed to say the least. never seen this before - really threw me for a loop. what an amazing piece of equipment.Thank you mike valentine.

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    Good job, the reset time for a muted signal to reset is ten-seconds without a signal.
    I don't believe anyone has ever asked VR what the reset time is for a "J" reset? Would be interesting.
    Nice to hear you got a good one that seems to work flawlessly, turning off POP will kill most "J"s if they get to you.



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