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    Default Yet Another New V1 Owner

    I am the proud owner of a brand new Valentine V1 radar detector.

    I have noticed it isnt as chatty for me at least, but that is only with one nights driving.

    I have also discovered why X band is usually turned off.

    Any fellow Omaha, Ne residents here?

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    Wow, Nebraska! Gosh with those rolling hills you may be able to get an all time record.

    I would run it in A mode for a while.

    Guess we wont hear from you much, once you get a V1 there is nothing to compare it to.
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    A mode drove me crazy as soon as I got off the interstate into downtown Omaha. I had 7 bogeys, all X, so I switch from A to L when I get off the interstate, at least in downtown. That fixes it pretty well.

    Sometime you just have to have some rolling hills to get a record, thats for sure.

    You'll hear from me, I plan to keep track of all stories and probably post a couple of the better ones up on the forum.



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