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    Default Question about Possible V1 Falsing?

    Hey guys. Just recently i took a trip from Charlotte, NC to Hilton Head Island, SC via I77 South to I26 East to I 95 South. I was driving on the highway and my V1 was in all bogey's mode. The whole time while i was on the highway from 77 until 95 i would all of a sudden get 1 rear x band warning with 1 strength, then it beeped 2 warnings, 1 strength. Then it beeped 3 warnings 2 strength, then it went to 4 rear warnings, and 3 strength. then right away it went away from 4 to 3 to 2 until 1. Since this happened so many times on all three interstates, i started to write the warnings off.

    Not only did this happen on my way to Hilton Head, but it happened on my return trip home. This has never happened to me before. I drive an 03 Acura 3.2 TL with my V1 hardwired to the top right of the RVM. I've traveled that stretch of 77 before, but never with a V1. However it did correctly alert me of 2 speed traps on 95.

    What do you guys think about this? do i have to send it in for a tune up? (i really don't want to though). I have version 3.826


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    Do you have POP enabled? Wasn't there a problem with X band falsing and POP. Do a search on that and it very well could be what you were experiencing.

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    Is X-band even used in your area. I was under the impression that is was only used in New Jersey. So if it's not used, I would turn off x-band. It makes life great.

    If you do have it muted already, then you must have POP enabled. I think your version has POP. Anyway, turn that off. The general consensus is having POP on is bad in every way, so I would recommend turning it off.

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    X band is still in use in NC in some areas. Folks have reported that the NCHP has predominately switched to Ka, but there are still a few cars with X band. Not to mention that more than a few cities probably still use X band as well. Rockingham, NC, had some X band DSP radars as of 4-5 years ago.



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