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    Default Purchased V1 today; suggest/recomm for settings?

    Hi Gang ~

    I took the leap after long, hard thought and evaluation, and decided upon a V1 today. A new one.

    I'd like to get some recommendations on what particular settings I need to set mine up at??

    I will be using it on the highway only on Interstate - 10.

    I don't have reason to use it in town, as I generally abide by the limit in town.

    Do I need to use filters when on the interstate? When I go by the overpasses on each exit, will V1 go off each time on the highway??

    I've read a lot about false alarming on the V1, but I do want it to detect over-the-hill encounters and the most inconspicuous police hang-outs where they like to nab motorists.

    Please advise.... everyone, please advise what settings I need to set it at?

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    If you are using it on the interstate most often and don't need it in the City, I say leave it in All Bogey mode. If you do drive in the city, you can't beat the 30sec K automute settings and X off if they don't use it in your area like mine. I rarely if ever get a false with those settings.

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    You dont need to know


    [A] All Boggy is good for the start and then as you get more comfortable with your day to day route move to logic mode .... don't let false alert " myth" fooled you .. all of them are real alert from some place ... if you don't see a police interceptor doest mean that its a false alert

    [ Mounting ] Visor Mount or place it right under RVW [ Rear view Mirror ] they both are good ... i use visor as it gives me enough distance to hook my x50 without causing any interference in [A] mode and easily reachable ...

    Welcome to the world of real and true monitoring . 5 Thumbs up to V1



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