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    hey guys i'm a n00b to this board, but i've been using v1's for a while now.... i just got 2 3.825's last week.... still have yet to test out the pop setting, but overall, they seem to be more sensitive than my non-pop 1.8's....

    well anyway i came across a site that explains how to add a remote mute button without hacking apart anything.... how it works is that you basically cut one end off of a phone cord... inside are 4 small wires. one is power, one is ground, and the other two are for data. this guy's instructions say that the black wire is ground, but for me it was green.... i guess you just have to test it out before doing this yourself... well anyway, you plug the rj11 into the accessory port for your v1, and put a momentary switch between the ground wire, and accessory (yellow) wire. when the button is pushed, it mutes the v1, and can change modes if you push and hold it. you can also use this with other v1 accessories by using a regular rj11 y-splitter from radio shack (1 cord from accessory port to splitter, then 1 cord to mute button, and the other cord to the remote display or any other v1 accessory)... anyway, here is the link:

    i felt this might be useful to you guys, since all the other remote mute installs i've seen involve hacking the remote display apart. with this method, you don't even need a remote display


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    Quote Originally Posted by JKautosports
    this guy's instructions say that the black wire is ground, but for me it was green.... i guess you just have to test it out before doing this yourself...
    John - how do you figure out which wire is ground? A volt meter or what?

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    I used a test light probe to check the polarity... You can pick one up from an electronics store like Radio Shack, an auto store, or Home Depot.... Just make sure it's for a 12 volt DC system. On one end of the wire there is an aligator clip, and on the other is the probe (with the led light inside it). You put the alligator clip to any ground in the car, and use the probe to find the positive wire.

    Well first I cut off the end of the phone cord, then stripped all the 4 wires inside.... I then plugged the RJ-11 end into the accessory port of the cigarette lighter adapter without the V1 plugged in. Basically, the two inner wires should be power and ground. Once you find the + one, snip it off

    Next, plug in your v1 and touch one of the two wires that are left onto the wire you determined to be ground. One of them will mute the v1 when touched for a sec, and change modes when held touched to ground for a few seconds. Snip off the wire that does nothing. You can then intall a momentary switch between the two remaining wires, and you're done 8)

    The tester looks like this:

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    The color of the wire depends on which end you cut off the phone cord.

    Look into the V1 Accessory jack on the harwire adapter or on the cigarette lighter adapter or the V1, with the pins on the top of the jack. The ground will be the second one from the left, and the mute will be the far right one (4 conductor wire). Line up the plug and check the colors of the wires before you plug it in.

    You should probably still check it with a multimeter or a test light, just to be safe. With a multimeter you can just have the line plugged into the cig adapter and easily figure out which one of the two middle wires is ground. If not, you can use a ground elsewhere on your car.

    Once you figure out which is the ground, the one you want to attach it to will be the line furthest from it.

    DATA  GND  +V   MUTE
     |     |    |     |
     |     |    |     |
           |          |
           \\          |
            \\        / 



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