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    Default Why no user firmware updates?

    I'm sure this was asked before, but why doesn't Valentine offer users the ability to download and update the v1 firmware themselves? It's not hard to reflash. I'm sure it would cut down on a lot of overhead for Valentine with physical units being shipped in and out. Go to the site, enter your serial number and download the latest available. This way you could go back to older versions if you wanted. They could pre-release upgrades to the internet community and let them de-bug for them. If out of warranty, they could charge a small fee. Or they could charge a one time fee for lifetime upgrades. Obviously, physical upgrades would have to be sent in. Just thinking out loud. Is this too logical? I'm actually surprised no on have reverse engineered this software code and built and emulator to run and test the firmware.

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    I think everyone would love this, but i dont think its possible. Besides most of the upgrades might be hardware too, tiny but effective.

    Lets hope maybe someday, that would be great, at least for me that live in europe.

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    There are a few problems with that:

    First - money. I'm not trying to call VR a greedy p i g or anything like that, I have much respect for them, but they are a business. Surely these $45 software updates go towards research and development for newer features and helping fix our other issues, so it's a necessary evil.

    Secondly - users. To update the firmware requires you to flash the firmware yourself, adding a level of user access that can cause undesired results. For example, a flash goes bad and the V1 is now "bricked" (useless). At least if this happens while it is at VR they can fix it right there. The number of bricked V1s would definitely cause their CS department to have an increased number of calls, maybe even a large increase. Anyone who has worked in ANY branch of customer service/technical support knows that many users (unfortuantely) are quite inept with sophisticated devices.

    Third - reverse engineering. When a firmware update is released, not only can competitors reverse engineer it but so can the users. While I personally have no qualm with this, I can see why V1 would. Especially with such an amazing product that has so much "black magic," I would see why MikeV would rather keep his firmware under wraps. I know competitors could (if they haven't already) get the firmware from the ROM but that takes far more effort than just "hey, here's a .bin file."

    Fourth - third-party firmware. This is another thing I have no problem with personally and actually encourage. I'm quite fond of third-party firmware such as DD-WRT (for wireless routers) and the Omega Drivers (ATi + Nvidia video cards). I can see why V1 would also not like this idea because not only does it create more customer-service issues but also possibility for someone to make a firmware better than them and that might not be very nice. It just makes it easier on VR to know exactly what firmware is in there. Oh yeah, and if you had a third-party firmware and sent it in for a hardware upgrade, it could possibly have issues with the new hardware (although I suppose VR could flash it with the latest software anyways and you can put your firmware back on if you wish).

    Another issue is that VR loses the level of control over the V1s themselves. The serial number check on the site wouldn't work that well anymore since you may have any software version if you flashed to say.. pre-3.863 or something when they shipped your V1 with 3.863.

    I agree with you on many levels though, it would be nice but I can see why VR wouldn't do it. Although... the V1 would need a data port for this to happen and that means a hardware update for everyone that wants this functionalty. If they were to do it, it would have to be a system of "rules" like this:

    1. If you send in your V1 for a hardware upgrade, you will also get a software upgrade for compatibility (firmware flash to latest V1 factory firmware).

    2. If you call in using a third-party firmware, you will not be given troubleshooting support, please flash with the latest V1 firmware before calling for support.

    3. If you render your V1 useless via firmware update attempt or other software, it will cost X dollars for VR to repair it and send it back.

    In all honesty, I'd really like this idea too. I have a feeling Reason #3 is why they don't IMO.

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    ^ He basically said everything there is to say about this thread.




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