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    Default Valentine does it again....

    Well heading from Austin Texas, to Memphis Tenessee. Most people might say your screwed after you get hit with a laser. But this thing saved me so many times, from hills to straights to curves, I put my trust in the v1. It picked up every single leo I came across, one was a very very good distance and over a hill at about 4 am. But when it came for the test. It was about 2, and I had made it to Dallas. I was cruising along about 90, (the night speed limit is 65 in Texas.) All of a sudden the thing went bazarre with the Laser alert. Looked around everywhere, and spotted him about 100 yards ahead. It was a dps officer, needless to say I took the next exit. :P When it got really scary, after I exited off I noticed there was a hooters, and a outdoor shopping mall and a gas station, so I decided to pull over for gas, snack, and rest. As I exited there was about 10 dodge charger cops sitting there with a car trapped in the mall parking lot. Boy did that thing go crazy then. Needless to say I made it all the way there and back, with 0 tickets. Picked up about 10+ radars, 3 Lasers on the way there. And about 7-8 radars, and 1 laser coming back. Whoooo for the v1.

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    You were very lucky with that laser encounter. That exit ramp saved you...

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    Not all laser encounters are just "letting you know you're busted" deals. Even the low end detector in my sig has saved me from 3 laser tickets. I-71 N in ohio, heading to Cleveland from Columbus, doing about 80 in a 65 I get a full laser reading and instantly stand on the brakes, he never moved from his spot. My car is pretty aerodynamic so Id say he painted down the front of the car before getting the reading off the license plate. The second to 2 seconds i had while he was aiming saved my a$$ I'd say. If you get a laser, dont hesitate to slow down, you might jsut get close enough to legal before a number comes up on that screen to save you a ticket.

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    Uniden RDs had better laser detection than Belscorts. I'd guess yours is better than an RX65 through v6.1

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    Any recommendations for replacing an old Uniden. It doesn't have SWKa, and the power jack is super flakey. The falsies kept me alert, and I've been so impressed at the range it picked up.



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