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    This may be a stupid question but here it goes. I just got a V1 and was wondering if I should power the unit off before I turn my car on and off? Or is it ok to just leave the knob in the on position all the time? Thanks in advance.


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    You should leave it on. It will power on & off by the car. 8)

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    Thanks for the quick reply!


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    Do you have the V1 hardwired or plugged into the ciggie lighter?

    Depending on your car, the lighter socket may stay on with ignition off, or it may turn off with the ignition.
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    cars are different

    with radar switch left on:
    for example, my ex-accord- when i put key in ignition and turned it on the radar started to boot up, and when i started the engine, it re-booted itself again. i didnt like that b/c i was scared i would blow a fuse with the v1 but it never happened.

    with my acura, when i put the key in and turn the car power on it boots up, and when i start the engine nothing changes (starting the engine doesnt effect the RD booting up).

    in my opinion, if you leave the RD on when the car is off, and then start the car, if it behaves like my acura then u can leave it on. if it behaves like my accord then u wanna turn the RD off when not using it and only turn it on after the engine is on.

    and btw, these are both from cig. lighters.

    ps-with the dodge durango (not this gen., last gen.) the cig. lighter power never stopped even with the engine shut off and they key out of the ignition so for that car u had to turn off the v1 or else it would never turn off!

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    I am using the cigarette lighter. It does boot up twice when starting my car. Once when the key gets to the on position and then again when the car engine is started. I guess I will just manually turn it off. I just need to remember to do it. Thanks for the responses!


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    ya i just turn mine on after i start my truck and power it off before i turn my truck off, just to be safe :wink:



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