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    Default Best save by your V1

    Hey guys, this is my second post on this forum. I've had my V1 for over a year now but prior to this I had an 8500 X50. I feel 10x more confident with my V1 over that x50, but all-in-all it wasn't a bad radar detector.

    What's the best save your V1 gave you?

    My best. I was traveling in a neighborhood doing about 35, in an area that is real anal about speeding. I'm getting ready to round this turn when my radar picks up full blast K band. I hit the brakes back to 25. Five seconds later I see this cop coming out of my buddy's driveway because their alarm went off while they were on vacation. Sure enough, as he started his car his radar turned on and my V1 caught me just in time.

    Different time was when I turned onto a street and it picked up real weak K band. Went silent for a few seconds and came on again, then went off and came on steady. About 2 miles later with HUGE hills I see the cop driving TOWARD me with his radar on. Needless to say I was extremely impressed.


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    I was on I-95 North rolling a few clicks over the speed limit, without a laser jammer, but with a nice rabbit. As I was about to crest a steep hill I got a laser alert so I locked it up and shifted over a lane. Soon as I crested the hill I got hit with laser.

    I'll leave a few clicks up to your imagination, but the Mitsu EVO didn't like anything under 80.

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    I was being the rabbit and was going about 85 with a guy following me. As I reach a bridge, I get a ka signal so I move to the right lane and slow down, the other guy keeps going. Anyways, about 10 minutes later, I start getting a faint ka signal from behind so I move over to the right again, and about 2 minutes later I see a car coming from behind pretty quickly and thinking I've been caught, I put down my sunvisor down to block the view of my RD, but to my surprise, the cop goes past me and a couple minutes later I see that same car that was following me over on the side of the road with the cop.

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    On more than one occasion I have been hit with the double zap trap. I am 100% convinced if I hadn't had a V1 I would have been toast. The arrows saved my A$$. One trooper driving east and was going west in turing around in the median within a 3 mile circle.

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    I was about to take the exit off the highway that leads to my house. They have been doing road work on the highway about 100yds past the exit and the troopers sometimes leave their constant on units running (k band).

    As I approached the exit, I recieved the usual k band alert with a forward arrow. No big deal, must be the trooper at the road work. As I took the exit, the arrows pointed briefly to the side and then forward as I was heading away from the highway. If the signal would have been the tropper at the work site, it should be a rear arrow... Sure enough, there was a LEO about 1/4 mile on the road ahead, waiting.

    Without the arrows, I would have written off the alert as being the highway work and possibly gotten caught with my pants down.

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    Whew, just the other day I picked up a Ka band cycle cop for more than 30 seconds. After he passed, he was picked up for another 12 seconds before I turned the camera off. Remember, once I got the signal, I turned the camera on so that was another 5 or so seconds to get to video, then once I turned it off it picked up the cop another two times for one beep apiece.


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    I have posted these before.


    I was driving down the highway about 5 am in a area that gives me a 2 bogey K. Then drops to one behind. Well I was crusing along and the one behind lit up but I was still showing 1 ahead where it should of dropped off. I slow down 90 in a 65. Nothing for about a mile then full IO. That is why V1 is in my car for life. I would of been toast without the arrows. I would of just thought it was the normal false and keep it at 90!

    Was doing 90 in a 70 and was tailing my rabbit for about 150 miles. I tried to give him a warning by flashing but it all happened so fast. I got detection about 1/10 of a mile. The way he was parked was almost like a Laser position but he hit us with KA.

    As you can see I like to do 90 on the Highway. When the traffic is light!
    But these were great saves. I can tell you where to the second my V1 is going to go off. How many on the counter ect.

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    My best save was actually my first save with the V1.

    I did get a killer save on video but I wasn't speeding at all at the time cause i was videoing an instant on Ka trap and i got a surprise with another cop shooting my Rear when i wasn't even looking for that guy

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
    Laser Jammer-Laser Interceptor Quad
    GPS Camera Locator-Cheetah C100
    GPS Nav-Garmin nuvi w/Trapster
    CB Radio-Galaxy DX-949 w/Wilson 500
    Scanner-RS Pro-96

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    My best save was coming over the crest of the mountains in Tennesee, the city of Monteagle. 50 MPH PSL and I am hauling Arse up the north side. I got a KA bleep 1/4 mile from cresting the top, so i backed off and switched lanes. the Doofus on my rear bumper figured this was his chance to show me his truck was tougher then mine and came over the top in excess of 80 MPH. there he was! sitting at the weigh station entrance with I-O KA

    Guess what, the statey went after him and not me.

    missed out on an out of state ticket, I Might have a couple departments that would like to speak with me in another state. Saved me lots of money and aggravation that day.

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    My V1 helped me get a Wii..

    I was running between Targets to see which didn't have all the Wii's called for (this was before the initial launch). Needless to say I wasn't obliging by the PSL. Didn't even see the cop, just got a Ka blast and immediately nosedived to the PSL. Saw him pull out behind be about 1/2 a mile back for a few blocks, then pulled back in.

    Best save ever! ..especially since Wii's are still hard to come by..



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