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    Default Detecting Spectre or VG2

    I'm a long time V1 owner and just discovered this forum - it's great.

    My question is about VG2 and Spectre. Aren't those "detector detectors" essentially just a type of radar detector themselves, tuned to pick up LO harmonics from our detectors? And if they are, when they are listening for radar detectors shouldn't they emit signals of their own which in turn could be detected by our detectors?

    So why don't detector makers such as V1 take advantage of this signal being emitted by LEOs who might otherwise be running instant on or laser? With the ban on radar detectors in commercial vehicles, it seems LEOs might be using Spectre and VG2 even in detector-legal states.

    What am I missing? Thanks!

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    Honestly Spectre and VG2 is rare to find in non illegal states and is prewtty rare even to find in Washington DC and VA...

    Companies tried to make a detector to detect VG2 and Spectre and failed...Plus they would much rather people use their detectors legally.

    If you are worried about laser get a laser jammer and for instant-on radar keep a rabbit in front of you

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    awesome response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent_Vino
    awesome response.

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    Detecting VG-2 is also problematic because VG-2 is a single conversion receiver, it's oscillator is operating at the same frequencies as the oscillators in the detectors it was designed to detect. Translation? VG-2 detection will give you a lot of false alerts from other radar detectors.

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    Thanks guys. Unfortunately, those seem like pretty good reasons not to be chasing VG-2.

    I got to thinking about this while driving along I-95 in Maine north of Augusta at 1 a.m. the other night. And in 20 years of using radar detectors, that's the situation that never ceases to infuriate me - when it's absolutely the safest to speed, you are by far the most vulnerable. I just hate that "find a rabbit" is the only thing that can be said about IO. Of course there isn't a car in sight, so you wind up taking your not so good chances.

    Anyhow, keep up the great work on this site, it's awesome.




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