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    Default Laser falsing on my trip from DC

    Took the family to Annapolis and Washington, DC this weekend. Of course, I pick the weekend that is right in the middle of a heat wave. Anyhow, on the way down, the v1 did just fine. But on the way back, another story. Traveling North up Rt. 50 in MD, I got a sudden laser alert about 5 miles from the Bay Bridge. It was at night, around 9:00pm. The alert was constant on, lit up light a Christmas tree. As the seconds pass, I find this strange it's constant on. A few miles pass and it's still on. I shut it off then on twice to make sure it was ok. The unit was warm. Then the alert went off, then on, then off. Still going off and on over the bay bridge and the next 20 miles up Rt. 50. During this time, it did alert me to a MD state trooper who pulled over a car not far in front of me. I did notice one time I played with the coiled cord and it went off and on. I started thinking it was the cord, but haven't been able to replicate it. I also noticed it did stop around corners then pick up on straight aways...same with hils. Was I most likely behind some type of car with led lights?

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    I suspect I answered my own question. I was out today and the laser alert went nuts. I looked up and laser signal to the front was lit up. There were no other cars around or in front. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw an Infiniti QX45 pulling off the road (maybe 150ft. from me). I suspect he set off my laser. This is going to be a problem if car manufacturers start putting led's in all cars.

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    ah, that was going to be my first guess. those infinities will drive you crazy, especially if you get a laser jammer.

    be careful around the bay bridge they actively enforce both ends mainly with vascar & pacing. my roommate got tracked down about a month ago, and got vascar'd going 95MPH right after he paid the toll thinking no officers where around.

    but since it took the trooper the entire length of the bay bridge + some to catch up with him, and by the time he paced him he was already going the limit he let him go after doing some Audi talk.

    cheers & keep us updated on the V1.



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