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    Default Any K band that stays on, even when off?

    Here's my horrible V1 story...

    I was going to a concert the other day and come around a turn and I get one dot of K band on my V1. I see the cop up ahead in the median maybe 500 to 1000ft away (he's out of his car, directing traffic) and his car is facing me. The V1 ramps up right away (one dot every hundred feet or so) until I'm at his car and then the arrows point back and it stops.

    It was the worse my V1 has EVER done on K band! When I rounded that turn, it should have either:
    1. Warned me while in the turn
    2. Went to full strength when I rounded it... not ramped up slightly every few hundred feet.

    I looked at another cop car later on that night and it was a very octagonal looking gun (or close to 6-9 sides) and the display box looked very old. This makes me question:
    Could the poor range been because the gun was OFF but it still emitted a signal? I thought some old K band guns do that?

    If yes, would the performance have been normal, or should it have alerted much sooner?


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    Little can be deduced from a lone encounter unless you know most of the variables and depends on how your other K band encounters are. Some possibilities are the gun was pointed away from the path of travel (for example perpendicular to your path). Another, if it is a very old unit, it maybe the type that in moving mode emits a low doppler to determine cruiser speed which would be a weak return (assuming it was in moving mode and was this old style radar - which as far as I know isn't mfr. anymore), and there are of course other possibilities. Monitor its performance and if you're unsure, send it in for a check up, it should still be under warranty. I haven't any trouble with my 3.858.



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