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    Default Newbie question about logic, advanced logic and auto modes

    I just received my V! and I have disabled the x-band. In Houston I believe that the local LEO do not use x-band. Anyway, when should I use the logic, advanced logic and auto mode? I think the auto mode is best on the Freeways, but is it acceptable around town? What mode do I need to be in?
    Thanks, Tom

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    well there is a post just below this that covers this but in short

    A= highway
    l/L= city

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    Agreed. Nothing more need be said.

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    I don't recommend big L if you are going to do manual K band muting. if you are going to keep it set to the default then you are fine.

    Word is this is how they work:

    A = no filtering.
    Big & Little L. Both reduce X band by 6db. Then if conditions exists where it picks up more than 1 Kband source it does do some filtering although mild.

    But if you decide to do some advanced K band filtering remember keep it in little L so you can see the alerts just not hear um.

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    Ideal Set up:

    K band automuting enabled for thirty seconds at either 4,6 or all 8 Led supressed. This will depend upon the severity of false k band alerts you receive. You might also want to disable rear k band, however, I have found this is not necessary if you already have it muted.

    Ideal operation:

    Always use little L mode so you can visualize your alert even if you can't hear it. When running in Little L mode your k band volume will be as loud as you set your muted volume for. You can make it completely silent or leave it slightly audible (as I do). This will not affect the volume level of any other bands or laser. They will still be heard at whatever volume you set your normal operational volume at.

    Word of advice, run your muted volume at about 12 o'clock so you can still hear the alerts slightly but they wont ruin your hearing like listening to ramped up k band alert at normal level (which is annoying as hell).

    Programming the V1 is truly easy. Follow the directions and it should take less than a minute.

    the best thing is that you can swtich back into All bogey mode (A) at any time and have all bands enabled at normal volume. That is the beaty of the V1 (Two drastically different modes at the touch of a button). As I have said before, this is still way ahead of automuting (in my opinion). Add a remote mute switch close to your steering wheel and its 10 times better than automute.

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    Just to let you know I have made a V1 Tutorial Video on how to reprogram your V1 and I explain all the settings and their functions. See my signature for the link!




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