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    Default Am I getting the programming right?


    I've had my new V1 for a few days. It is definitely noisy. It also has superior range to my 8500 X50.

    Here's what I've done to get it a bit quieter? (I was getting tons of X alerts and K alerts when I drive by businesses with alarms and door openers etc.)

    My version is 3.863.

    I shut off X band?

    I shut off Pop?

    (I have yet to mute K band for xx seconds.)

    I enabled Ka band giving a more powerful warning.

    Any thoughts on this set up? Should I mute K band for 20 sec. or so? Anything else I should or shouldn't be doing?


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    I'm looking for the same information that you are. I just purchased a V1 and it is on its way here. What settings should I do? I'm turning X band and POP off, for sure. I'm new to the yeah.

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    You dont need to know


    Read all the post religiously and you will find your answers ... all the question that you have asked so far is in the V1 section .

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    Guys,use the SEARCH function in this section.With simple words like:POP or AUTOMUTE.When I got my V1 I find out everything I wanted to know with Search option
    And this thread is a MUST READ,but read it carefully(I had to read it 3 times),because there you'll find detailed description of automute,rear K-band supression and how different configurations of b,c,d,E,F,G options really work.It's an excellent thread by Racer X.

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    Thank you. That link is extremely helpful.

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    Ok, I'm making progress. Perhaps someone can help me with this.

    I've shut off X band as it's supposedly not used when I am (Seattle/Tacoma area). Apparently, it is used in some areas of the State which I go to occasionally.

    I've tried leaving it on in big L and little l, and it still drives me crazy. I guess I could just remember to turn it on when I leave my area.

    Is there a way to mute it like the K band such that when I go to A mode, it works full on but is quiet in L or l?

    Or does anyone have any other/better ideas?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleggua
    Is there a way to mute it like the K band such that when I go to A mode, it works full on but is quiet in L or l?
    I'm not sure if you have the k-band automute set, but make sure you do set it for 30 seconds and 6 lights (I think that's the max amount of muting)

    I'm not really sure what you mean by "full on" but in little L mode (logic), the visual alerts are just as if the detector is in A mode (all bogeys). The only difference between the two is the audible alerts in little L mode are muted until they reach their threshold.

    Big L mode (advanced logic) doesn't show the alerts or play the sounds until it reaches the threshold.

    That should help and if not, I would recommend just turning the volume down until you leave the high false area.

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    Wooo Hoooo - What an awesome detector.

    I turned pop off, x off and set 20 second mute and 6 lights. It's now quieter than my x50. I'm running in little l and hear it very faintly when it goes off by businesses so I can be sure of what is happening around me.

    And the range on this is unreal. I'm impressed - really impressed.

    The only thing I wish is that I could turn x on. But where I live, when I do, it is just unbearable. I'll just remember to turn it on when I travel out of my area.

    Now, just waiting for my REBinc display and I'll have it hard wired.

    Thanks for the help everyone offered.

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    Man from looking at your signature you jumped right in. Nice set up on the bike and car. How do you like the new Blinder?

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    So far I'm loving it.

    The other day I was going to Seattle and got hit by laser. By the look on the guys face, he wasn't getting much. I was going the PSL so it wasn't much of a test.

    My wife's car has all the same on it. Her V1 should arrive Thursday. :-)

    I'd love to get a V1 on my bike but am really worried about rain.



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