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    Default v1 K band automute Q&A

    Quote Originally Posted by decemb3r
    I have a question about the V1 after reading your sticky post concerning programming it to be less chatty. I noticed that you recommend that users mute rear K band. My concern is what if there is a real LEO with K band behind me and its muted. Will the V1 display the threat with a lit arrow? Maybe I'm just not understanding the mute concept if this is wrong. When I mute my RX65, it becomes quiet. So is that all that is happening? Thanks in advance!

    lol this is gonna be a little confusing and the only way you will learn is to keep trying to see what us v1 nuts are talking about...

    ok the automute function with the v1 works SEPERATELY for each band (what the v1 computer mutes and doesnt mute).
    the mute BUTTON works equally for all bands (makes the sound go away).
    just quickly,
    for A mode, there is no auto-mute period, it is disabled. so say you make all these K band automute changes such as mute rear k band etc..they only work in little L and big L mode NOT in A mode so u can just switch to A mode and it will work as if you never changed anything.

    in little L mode, for K band, say you select rear K band mute, and mute until 4 led's and a leo approches from behind. the v1 will display the oncoming K band alert from the K and play it in MUTE VOLUME (the lever, not the knob). if your MUTE volume is all the way down u wont hear. after 4 leds are lit-up, then the v1 will play it it NORMAL volume (the knob).

    in big L mode, for K band, with the same setting selected, rear k band mute and mute until 4 leds, you WILL NOT SEE OR HEAR the rear K band alert AT ALL until it is past 4led's.

    big L blocks out what little l automutes. at the same time little l would alert at NORMAL volume, that is when at big L, you would FIRST hear the alert at normal volume.

    so mute, automute, lever volume (mute), normal volume + v1 functions make this very confusing. bottom line no matter what u experiment with as far as your settings are concerned: putting it in A mode will make the v1 work as if you didn't modify it as far a K band automute settings are concerned. (i.e. if you disable x-band, putting the v1 in A mode will NOT enable X-band). dont worry the more you play around with it the easier it becomes. i love to say, i live in nyc and my v1 is NOT chatty :wink:

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    awesome post man, clarified all my questions regarding rear k mute.

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    excellent post. I STRONGLY recommend if you do any K band modifying that you run it in little l if K band enforcement is used in your area.

    at the least you can see what's going on.

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    Agreed with our lovely poster above.

    Little L is the way to run it if you have done any type of K band programming.

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    Big L is what I call "wife mode" --- the only way she'll use the thing without wanting to throw it out the window. It's definitely NOT chatty that way.



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