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    Default first two saves in ONE evening.

    i just came back from Down town Denver.

    first one , i was approaching an intersection. Suddenly the V1 went to full alert. i'm not sure if it was K or KA (thats the problem at night with those tiny LEDs), i slowed down. and there was a LEO on the right side of the intersection. he pulled over the guy in front of me.

    but the second was more impressive. i was already in Boulder.
    in Jay road, there are 2 speed signs. and when i drive there everyday i get K , and in one point 2x K because there 2 singes.
    So i saw 2 on the V1 count and suddenly it changed to 3. i slammed on my brakes . and then i saw a cop behind that speed sign. He basically was hiding behind it.
    So if you have a detector that dont show you more then one alert , your toasted .... he pulled over someone by the way

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    Great saves! Ya the counter saved me once. I have to merge onto highway on the way to work and get a 2 count from a door opener. Well got 3 and slamed breaks from 90 back to 70. Priceless!

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    yesterday my friend and i (both with v1's) were goin back to my house..he was in front of me and we kept gettin X from behind that got stronger and we slowed down to 60 mph and NJSP pulls up next to me and i cant help it i start laughin cuz he sees my v1 goin nuts..then he pulls up next to my friend and the same thing he just stares at both of us...hilarious



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