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    Default I don't seem to get the range others have described.

    Honestly, how far of a range are you getting? I've had mine for like five years, and it probably hasn't alerted me of a cop that's more than a quarter of a mile away. Which don't get me wrong, it is enough time to slow down. However, I keep reading people are getting alerts from up to 2 miles away? Why is this? Does putting it in a different mode give you a further heads up? I keep it in big L because it has too many false alerts otherwise.

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    might need a tune up, 1/4 mile range could be instant on but i think the best bet is that it needs a tune up after 5 years :wink:

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    What kind of terrain do you drive through? Lots of hills and curves? That will really cut down on your range, especially on Ka band. But the range of their radar goes down too.


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    It's funny, because I seem to get better range on Ka than on K. Anyhow, I seem to get about a mile on K band speed signs with the V1 and the 8500, they normaly try and put them behind hills and such. I won't even say what kind of range I have had on Ka, I think some people would call me a liar. If you are getting a 1/4 mile range consistantly, I would send it in.



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