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    Default Purchasing a V1, need some helpful tips

    Well I've been after a RD for a long time since i got my car about a month ago, and I've done my research. Originally I wanted to go with the STi for the simple fact that it could not be detected...but given its 33.8 issue and not so good "fix", I've decided to go with a V1.

    Given V1's rear detection, and my civic's design, the mounting is crucial.

    Originally I wanted to mount above the RVM like a picture you will soon see, but I've heard it causes the RD to lose rear detection and laser from the back...

    Not quite sure why, but it may be due to the new civic's weird windshield and rear window design.

    The area in front of the RVM has a dot matrix, which I would assume could hurt the V1's performance, so I need some major help in mounting it. (I do want to mount high, a 50-50 chance of an early laser hit is much better than a 100% ticket hit.

    Anyways, here is what a fellow 8th gen civic owner set his up, how bad does his set up hinder the V1's ability?

    Should I try to mount right below the RVM?

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    It's said, by very trustworthy sources among our own population here, that the ceramic dots will not impede radar performance to any degree.

    As for laser, there is some speculation that the density of the dots (not as in physical density/mass, but rather, their optical arrangement/patterning), may, as an OUTSIDE POSSIBILITY, somewhat affect laser reception, but this has yet to be conclusively proven, either way. Typically, however, this is not considered a problem - and is even moreso a "lesser" perceived problem with addressed with respect to the V1, which is extremely laser-sensitive.

    In terms of rear laser "vision," I'm afraid I must defer to our other Forum members on this one. I simply do not have enough experience with the V1 - nor with your vehicle - to offer good insight.

    Hope this helps!

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    I wouldn't even be worried with rear laser detection. If it gets it, it gets it. If not, you're screwed anyway. With that plate and reflectors back there, it'll light up a laser gun like nothing.

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    Rear laser detection is more like an Infinity locator. I'd like to hear one person that has been saved because of rear laser detection...

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    I wouldn't wire it up the way he did. It seems like he tapped into the dome light. The light has a constant 12v power source. This means that you will always have to turn your detector on/off. It is best to find a power source that turns on with your ignition. I found one that actually powers on when the key is in the "run" position so the detector fires up only once when the key is turned. If its wired to accessory then it will turn on then off with the ignition then on again once the car is started.

    Also its nice to be able to turn off your RD by using the ignition. This is helpful if you get pulled and you want to shut the RD off without reaching for it.Simply turn off the engine and the RD is off. If you mount it up by the RVM then a cop wouldn't be able to see it unless he/she kneels down to look at your headliner.

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    About rear laser detection,I agree.It's more like a good selling point,then a true ticket-saver

    I've noticed that V1's arrows are more accurate,when V1 is under RVM
    If I put V1 above RVM,arrows get more "confused"



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