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    Default Safe to hardwire V1 to constant power?

    I've had my V1 hardwired since the second day I got it. I've had it about two weeks I guess.

    Anyways, I wired it to my map lights (constant on) and that's how I had my previous Cobra wired and it worked for almost two years (it didn't blow up, I broke it -- my fault)

    But anyways, in the past two days my V1 has "shutoff" twice. What happens is I'll be randomly driving and then I hear a "beep" and by the time I look up the V1 is about half-way done with it's POST (power on self test)

    I'm thinking my wiring might've been bad but I went to extreme lengths to verify I had everything hooked up correctly. I did NOT wire my ground wire to a screw, I just taped the ground "C" connector (it looks like a C) to a constant ground wire (map lights, again)

    Cliff Notes:

    - Is it ok to wire V1 to constant power?
    - Why did my V1 randomly shut off twice?
    - Is it ok to wire V1 to constant ground wire and not a screw?

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    Maybe the power cord is losing contact inside?

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    Hardwire to constant should be no problem.
    it sounds like one of the wire connections is slightly loose.
    the exact thing happened to me not too long ago. i would be driving along and sudeenly it would post, or be off.
    i was tapped inline with something else, that was just loose enough to cause the intermittent problem. i re did that connection and it's been fine since.
    Maybe the tape has come loose, since you said it was the map lights, with it being hot (summer) i would check that connection. maybe remove the "C" connector and use one of those connectors that clamp over the wire and uses a flat plug to plug into it. that's what i did.
    Can't think of the exact name of it, but i'm sure someone here can.
    hope this helps.

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    I'd say the problem is definetly caused by a loose connection either where you spliced the light wire for power, or in the ground connection. One unlikely possibility is the wire you tapped into is not producing enough current to power the V1 at low RPM's. I doubt that is the problem. You might also want to check your fuse located in line with the power wire from the V1, it may be loose or going bad.



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